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Your business playground

Helping your organisation be as agile and creative as a successful start-up

We will always observe and try to understand your unique situation, your organisation and especially your customers first, so we can help you work towards a culture of innovation and intrapreneurship.

We will work with you on your innovation projects, design and facilitate workshops, as well as supporting you in driving the changes that come with the customer insights we gained together.

Not only do we have the skills, knowledge and experience, but we also have the creative space to help you apply Design Thinking and Lean and Agile approaches to your work,
so please feel free to contact us for our services; or just drop by for a coffee. We’d love
to talk to you.

services Innovation through Intrapreneurship

services Your corporate playground

Whether it is innovation projects, workshops, or even change programmes - we can run these for you either at our innovation lofts in Basel and Berlin,
or in your own space.

  • workspace

    Are you thinking of creating your own innovation space? A space for diverse project teams where the kind of minds, methods and materials come together that make innovation happen?
  • workspace

    From researching the needs of the users of your space right down to the interior design we believe in an iterative approach to designing the space - with you, right from the start.
  • workspace

    We deliver everything you need to make space for innovation: from concept ideas to floorplans, from zonings to space budgets, from sketches to 3D renders, right down to interior designs and change management approaches.
  • learninglabs

    In our learninglabs you will learn to understand and apply Design Thinking as mindset and method. You will explore the application of agile approaches to any kind of development work. This implies working in sprints, learning to empathise with your customers, or working in iterative loops with prototypes and feedback.
  • learninglabs

    In a relaxed and secure environment your team will experience new ways of working, aimed at developing better offerings and new business models. The insights you gain do not only rely on analytical thinking, but also on a blend of insights based on personal observations and experiences.
  • learninglabs

    We will customise the learning and development modules to your specific needs. We have already successfully designed and delivered a wide range of educational programmes reaching from introductions to Design Thinking to broader
    Train-the-Trainer programmes.

    What does your team want to learn?
  • innovationsafari

    Innovationsafaris are educational journeys: we can take you to visit Silicon Valley start-ups, experience Berlin’s creative scene or to see for yourself some success stories in Switzerland. Our extensive network will offer opportunities for networking with innovators, investors and entre-
    preneurs in a variety of sectors.
  • innovationsafari

    We can help you see the bigger picture and reframe a challenge from a customer’s perspective by beginning with the right question. Our learning journeys have taken us to organisations such as Google and SAP in Silicon Valley, to the iHub in Nairobi as well as to the most successful bicycle dealer in Switzerland.
  • innovationsafari

    We would be more than happy to organise a customised learning journey for your company, whether it is intended for inspirational purposes to kick-start a bigger development project or simply as a meaningful team-building event.

    What do you want to discover?
  • transformation

    Once you start pushing the implementation of innovative ideas, you will soon discover the need for setting up a process of transformation to make things happen in your organisation.
  • transformation

    Using methods such as Storytelling and Transformation Blueprinting we co-create a picture of where you are, where you want to be and how you are going to get there. The resulting measures are used to create a transformation backlog adapted from the SCRUM methodology.
  • transformation

    This agile approach to transformation made it easier for firms like Swisscom, SAP and CSS Insurance to set priorities and plan resources in their implementation sprints – all the while maintaining the line of sight to the customer.

    What kind of transformation do you want to initiate?

spaces Making room for innovation

spaces Making room for innovation

Inspiring spaces for projects and workshops, meetings, training and events.

Our innovationlofts in Basel and Berlin are inspiring spaces where start-ups and freelancers, art and business meet. A space that brings together the kind of minds, methods and materials that make a Design Thinking and Lean-Start-Up culture come alive.

What launchlabs in Basel can offer you:

  • room M

  • room L

  • deck

  • silo W

  • silo O

  • event hall

All launchlabs guests have free access to our bistro and kitchen, the lounge and deck. Water, coffee and tea are included. Printer, lockers, and additional office supplies are available on request (at a small extra fee).

Terms and conditions | Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Room S – The little know it all


Thanks to the carpeted walls all the web coding secrets, conference call decisions and designer’s blueprints are kept on the down low. This is the perfect room for small meetings with up to 4 people, phone calls or secluded coffee breaks.

Size: 4.6 m², space for max. 4 people

Room M – Making Meaning


This is the room where ideas become reality and experiences are created! The DT-Line high tables and Konstantin Gricic’s miura bar stools keep everyone on their toes, ensuring maximum concentration from all participants. This is the ideal room for wireframing and prototyping sessions.

Size: 17 m², space for max 10 people

Room L - Unstuck


You’re stuck and you know there is a problem that needs to be discussed. Trying out a different setting and getting your team out of your usual office setting is one way to get unstuck. With two large whiteboards on either side, this room is ideal for creative problem-solving, meetings, presentations and more.

Size: 20.6 m², max 12 people

DECK - Orbiting the giant hairball


Retreating up here changes your perspective and helps you get a helicopter view of everything that’s going on. This rooftop garden can be used for taking a break, relaxing and recharging your batteries. It is just as well-suited for pitching sessions, informal presentations and conversations. It is ideally used in combination with room S, M and/or L.

Size: 30 m², max 25 people

SILO W - Peak


Looking for something different? Why not try out launchlabs’ peak? Do your presentation, talk, meeting or get together with a spectacular view of Basel city.

Size: 40 m², max 30 people

Price: 350 CHF per time slot *
* time slots: 08.30 -13.00 // 13.30 -18.00 // 18.30 – 00.00

Interested in booking Silo W?

SILO O - Simplicity


Simplicity equals sanity, which is why this room is kept as simple as possible. With two high tables and bar stools for up to 10 people, this room can be used for various types of meetings and presentations. Depending on project this room is best when combined with Silo W.

Size: 30 m², max 10 people

Price: 250 CHF per time slot *
* time slots: 08.30 -13.00 // 13.30 -18.00 // 18.30 – 00.00

Interested in booking Silo O?



“What you really need to do is stop talking and start working”. Our event hall is the perfect space to get things moving. Any private or business function (e.g. networking events, presentations, exhibitions, cinema, concerts, parties and banquets, etc) is welcome.

To see how people use our event hall and creative space on a day-to-day basis check out our facebook page.

Size: 240 m² for up 200 people

Price: 960 CHF per time slot * on weekdays. Special weekend price for Friday and Saturday night is 1’440 CHF. Or want it all? You can have exclusive use of launchlabs for only 1'460 CHF per time slot *.
* time slots: 08.30 -13.00 // 13.30 -18.00 // 18.30 – 00.00

Interested in booking the Event Hall?

FIX DESKS (15 m²)


Looking for somewhere inspiring to work where you can meet interesting people? Our fix desks are semi-permanent desks for co-workers who want to be at launchlabs for a minimum of 6 months. These workstations are ideal for small start-ups, creative teams or freelancers.

Price: 250 CHF per month

We have available capacity!

Contact us now for further information.



Are you spontaneous and need an inspiring place you can work sporadically? Looking for something more regular, would you like to become more of a part of the Launchlabs community?

Full flex = 25 CHF per day

  • In combination with an annual membership of 70 CHF includes access to events, mailings and workshop evenings.
  • Flexible workspace (possibility to reserve your space up to 7 days prior), access on workdays from 9.00 - 18.00
  • All-inclusive*
  • Use of meeting area**

Flex = 35 CHF per day

  • Flexible workspace (first-come, first-served), access on workdays from 9.00 - 18.00
  • All-inclusive*
  • Use of meeting area**

Interested in booking a flex desk?

May 2016 / subject to change / all prices excl. VAT

*All-inclusive (fair-use): A3 color laser printer, WLAN, beamer, office supplies, cleaning, use of kitchen area incl. tea, coffee, mineral water & fruit…it’s not unknown for cookies to appear too!

**Meeting area: The meeting area is available to all registered coworkers free of charge. The coworking management team reserve the right to reject certain requests.

team Different backgrounds, one mindset

team Different backgrounds, one mindset
  • simon

    Simon is the founder and managing partner of the Berlin launchlabs. He was one of the driving forces in establishing the D-school in Potsdam. His experience covers a wide range of assignments as facilitator and consultant in the field of Design Thinking.

    simon blake

  • andreas

    Andreas is the founder and managing partner of the Basel launchlabs. He was co-founder and one of the driving forces in establishing the Swisscom BrandGym - a creative space for co-working and innovation projects. His experience covers a wide range of assignments as facilitator and consultant in the field of Design Thinking.

    andreas erbe

  • harald

    Harald works as a Design Thinking facilitator based in the launchlabs Berlin. As a native Austrian he acquired his skills and experience at the D-school in Potsdam where he contributed to the success of the d-school curriculum as Knowledge- and Track-Manager.

    harald gögl

  • lena

    Lena contributes as a Design Thinking Coach, Qualified Designer and Visual Facilitator. The former D-school trainer is currently completing her doctoral thesis at the Bauhaus Universität Weimar on the intersection of art and natural science.

    lena marbacher

  • tiziana

    Tiziana has a degree in International Design Management ans spent the last three years as a part of the human centered design team at Swisscom. She was responsible for various events and the ongoing management of the Brand Gym. Tiziana has taken over the design and ongoing management of the launchlabs Basel.

    tiziana meletta

  • anna

    Marianne is the manager of our Berlin innovationloft. Her experience includes a wide range of assignments in communication, marketing, project management and is supplemented by degrees in both business and advertising.

    marianne skvorc

contact See you soon at launchlabs!

contact See you soon at launchlabs!

We look forward to welcoming you to launchlabs!

You will find our Innovation loft in the lively Gundeldinger Feld, a listed building that used to be part of an engine factory, close to the Basel main train station.

launchlabs (Schweiz) GmbH
Halle 8, Gundeldingerfeld
Dornacherstrasse 192
CH-4053 Basel

info (at)

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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