In an uncertain world where technology and organisations’ ecosystems evolve rapidly, change is no longer a necessity but a duty to survive. Mindsets and behaviours need to adapt accordingly and companies are required to be and act agile in order to remain relevant to their markets. Change is never easy – this is why we are here to support you along with your transformation.

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We are a community of experts in agile approaches, creative work environments and transformation. Depending on your needs, we will define the right team for you!

Think globally, act locally

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We begin with what is desirable, acceptable and sustainable before we get to what is feasible and viable.



We don’t do command and control. We sense and respond.



We co-create systemic solutions for complex problems.

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Aligning people, space & purpose


Bringing together minds, methods, materials


Co-creating mental, physical, virtual & hybrid spaces

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Gundeldinger Feld Halle 8
Dornacherstrasse 192
4053 Basel


+41 79 618 59 52