consulting klon

User Research

The key is to start with people’s needs – not your fancy service or product. Their problem is the main “why”. User Research aims at improving the usability and experience of products, services, or processes. We will help you understand and define user behaviours, needs, and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback based on the Design Thinking methodology.



Sprints make projects happen quickly. They work to enable exploration and validation of innovative concepts at low risk. All this, in short, iterative sprints and feedback loops. This approach allows teams to effectively take user perspective and focus on designing for actual needs. Sprints can be embedded into any project in any phase in order to accelerate the goal: research, concept, test or implementation.


Transformation Support

We strongly believe that any challenge can be overcome by having a holistic view and putting human needs at the centre. Thus, we help organisations to be future-ready by getting a sense of its people, place, purpose and aligning them accordingly.


Workspace Design

Spaces that make sense serve a shared purpose within a set of organisational constraints (brand, business, building and behaviour). Only once you understand user needs, however, you begin with co-designing the workspace as such. At first the resulting space is no more than a minimum viable prototype you then systematically iterate into a meaningful work environment over time.