Open Door Day on September 22 2018

Our event hall was part of the program for the open door day on September 22nd, 2018 taking place in the Gundeldinger Feld.

The different tenants of the historical “Gundeli”-area opened their doors and offered different attractions for the whole family: From introductions in the climbing hall, a tour through the beer brewery “Unser Bier”, a flea market in the Theaterfalle and a peek behind the scenes of the circus school.

Our program for the “Gundeli”-area Open Door Day

In our event hall we used our slogan “your business playground” to initiate an attraction for the little ones: On that day kids can be creative and make their own paper plane in a special arts and crafts corner.

At the same time we were showing the installation “Airport Lounge” by artist Marc Lee on our large screen: Instagram-Posts made from airports in the whole world let spectators travel from one place to another through this interactive, network oriented art project.

Our spaces are, after all, prototypes for new technologies and connect people in unconventional ways during events, workshops and corporate seminars. Please find more info here.


You didn’t make it to the Open Door Day but wish to get an impression of the Gundeldinger Feld and our event hall? Here you can find photos and a video on Youtube, which we made using a drone to provide some new perspectives.