Work 2.0 in London

Our team attended the Work 2.0 in London, Europe’s definitive work, wellbeing and office tech event. The conference took place from Thursday May 25th until Friday May 26 in the Business Design Centre. The lead topic, “workplace of the future”, was discussed by several industry representatives and from different angles.

The conference delivered interesting opinions and case studies about the following questions:

  • What does the future of communication and collaboration in the workplace look like?
  • How does employees’ well-being at work impact a company’s ROI?
  • How are macroeconomic trends like the gig economy and demographic changes affecting the work environment?

Companies like Microsoft, Nokia, IKEA, Philipps, Schneider Electric and GE explored the answers to these questions in their insightful talks and panel discussions.

When people spend more time in the office than at home physical and virtual spaces need to be more flexible. Nokia showed the impact of a well-designed space on its productivity. Ikea explained the importance of inclusion, individual needs and ergonomics employing people from five different generations. Supporting activity-based working and multi-user workstations were highly popular topics, illustrating a shifting perspective from purely saving costs to generating more value for employees, customers and the business in general.

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